Building a Maintenance Free Wood Privacy Fence without Sacrificing On Style

A wood fence makes a good neighbor, but not if it cracks, warps, or requires yearly maintenance. While you can still buy wood fence panels, building your own fence offers flexibility in terms the materials you use. Here are some tips to build a maintenance free wood privacy fence;

Use heartwood instead of sapwood

Sapwood is usually the working part of the tree. It contains a lot of moisture, is more susceptible to fungus, and will shrink when dried. The heartwood, on the other hand, is the darker section of the trunk. It’s the most preferred part of a privacy fence since it does not contain knots and will not decay easily.

Find the property lines

It can be costly to bring down a fence when it’s on someone else’s property. That’s why you have to be accurate when determining where your property lines are located. With this in mind, make sure you get the necessary building permits.

The design should match your surroundings

Your fence should suit your home and the neighborhood. Although altering the fence style can be an excellent strategy to keep down the cost of materials, your fence should suit your home design. Remember, you don’t want a fence that makes your house look like it’s standing out for the wrong reasons.

Use Cedar Posts

Cedar is rot resistant and does not need any maintenance. With time it turns gray. To ensure the posts last a lifetime, place at least 6 inches of gravel on the hole and then fill the remaining space with concrete. The wood grain textures capture the beauty of natural wood.

You can build a maintenance free wood fence without sacrificing on style. Simply put, you should consider using cedar wood. It’s low maintenance, does not warp and comes in darker shades. Besides that, you should visit the local timber mart and discuss your project. By following the above tips, you don’t have to replace your fence every few years. Fencing Companies