Do You Know The Top Causes of Residential Roof Damage?

Professional residential roofing installations are strong and protective, but they don’t last forever.

Eventually, every roof installed by residential roofers will experience problems and need to be repaired or replaced.

Of course, the goal is to maintain a roof to minimize these issues, then replace it when it has reached its projected life expectancy.

Reducing the need for repairs by residential roof services starts with knowing the main causes of damage so that steps can be taken to avoid them!

  1. Advanced Age - Though they can last for decades, no residential roofing system will last forever. The older a roof gets, the more natural wear and tear it experiences and the higher the chance is that it will begin experiencing problems. Residential roofers recommend that as a roof approaches its expected lifespan, homeowners start planning for the next one, even if there have been few problems to date. Once an old roof starts to fail, more problems will follow and quickly. 
  2. Poor Installation - A prime cause of premature roof failure or an excessive need for residential roof repair services is an installation that was poorly done from the start. Before investing thousands of dollars into new residential roofing, homeowners should do their homework and be sure they find a reliable skilled installer who warrants their work. 
  3. Extreme Weather - Roofs can take a beating from extreme weather like hurricanes, hail storms, and torrential rains. Sometimes the damage is simply unavoidable. Getting through these events with as little damage as possible requires homeowners to keep up with roofing maintenance and arrange regular inspections by residential roof services to detect weaknesses early so that needed repairs can be made beforehand. 
  4. Conditions That Result In Leaks - There is no arguing that leaks create significant damage to residential roofing; however, leaks are a secondary effect of other types of damage. Collectively, the many conditions that cause leaks like poor maintenance, damaged flashing, damaged shingles, overheated and underventilated attics, and many others plus the damage caused by the leaks themselves all contribute to these problems.

Based on these four points, homeowners can hopefully gain a good understanding of what conditions result in the most damage to their residential roofing installations and what they should to do protect them.

Avoiding the need for expensive repairs by residential roofers starts with knowing the best contractors to hire, then providing proper roof care.

Over the years, good maintenance, regular inspections, and working with a reputable residential roof service can help homeowners reach the full life expectancy of their roof and the point where it is time to replace it and start over again!