The Door-to-Door Contractor and Practicing Vigilance

After a storm has hit, it's not uncommon to see brochures in your mailbox or at your front door from roofing companies advertising their services. You might even have a roofing contractor come knocking at your door offering a free roof inspection. There have been countless stories of contractors fabricating damages just to have evidence that there is significant damages and that they should be contracted for repairs. Not all contractors have this motive, but it is important to be prepared for these situations.

One of the first things that should be done before hiring a contractor is inspecting the roof yourself or through your insurance company. Many contractors are honest people but it never hurts to get an extra opinion from your own insurance provider. Read more here for some DIY inspection tips you could practice before hiring a contractor.

Doing research on the company is an excellent way to get a better perspective on the contractor before paying for their services. If it's a reputable company, their reviews will reflect that. If they seem hesitant to give too much info about their company, that is a huge red flag. Any respectable company is transparent and willing to share information about their history, services and reputation. Better Business Bureau is a great resource to use when researching local companies.
Is the contractor adamant to get you to commit and reluctant to do otherwise? That might indicate that the contractor is trying to make a quick deal. A client should never feel intimidated or forced into signing. Take time when choosing the right company and never jump to a decision that could be regrettable in the future. 

There are many roofing contractors out their who strive for professionalism, integrity, and honesty. Visit this site for some tips on choosing the right roofing contractor.