Vinyl Fences

One of the principal reasons to buy a vinyl fence is because they are essentially maintenance free. They are built to withstand the great outdoors without succumbing to rotting, mildewing, warping, or other problems. They never need painting and, for the most part, if they get a little dirty, you can simply rinse them off with your garden hose. After some time, however, or under certain circumstances, your fencing might get dirty enough hat a simple washing off won't do. In the unlikely event that this happens to you, there are a few simple cleaning tips to keep in mind.


If your fence becomes scuffed, perhaps because you accidentally scraped something against it or because of children's dirty hands, a simple wash rag will do the trick. Just take the rag and the water to the fence and go to work on the scuff marks. If you still can't get them to budge, you might try using just a touch of lacquer thinner. This will almost always get rid of the scuff marks and leave your fence looking as good as new.


We mentioned children earlier and the messes that seem to follow them. If your child ever gets creative with crayons or sidewalk chalk and takes them to your fence, don't panic! A simple plastic scraper can usually get rid of most or all of the handiwork. If that alone doesn't do the trick, you can use mineral spirits, applied with a wet rag to scrub away the marks. Give your fence a thorough rinsing after you've finished, and it should be back to looking great in no time at all!


Other than these infrequent occasions, you really shouldn't have to bother with your fence much at all. In fact, some people own their vinyl fences for decades without ever cleaning them. If you're a little more anal and want to keep things looking perfect, you can give your fence regular washings, using water and a little bit of dish liquid. For especially dirty surfaces, adding in about a cup or so of bleach can also help.


Outside of the cleaning products referenced here, you shouldn't use any other chemical on your fence. Certain cleaning products have been known to harm or damage vinyl fencing. Also, make sure that you always try just plain water first. Cleaning products should only be used as a last resort when all else fails. Fences