They say good fences make good neighbors but a great fence also makes a home even more…homey. Depending on your lifestyle and needs—whether you want to keep Fido in the yard, make sure your toddling toddler stays safe, or even impress the Joneses—there’s a fence out there that suits you perfectly. Fence


Some basic types of residential fencing include Aluminum, Wood (classic picket fences), and Wrought Iron. Aluminum is both classic and worry free, a “put it up and forget it” type of fence that even the fussiest of neighbors will have little problem with. Although not as secure as wrought iron, aluminum takes paint easily and looks attractive on nearly any style of home.


Wooden aka picket fences are the classic of classics, harkening back to the days of grandma and grandpa rocking away on the porch. Wooden fences offer the privacy aluminum fences lack, are relatively inexpensive to install, and add warmth to the look of any home, even one smack dab in the middle of the city. 


Wrought iron fencing is one of the most beautiful, strongest, and expensive options. This type of fencing is capable of turning even the most modest home into a showpiece with all the variety of decorative designs available. I’ve always been a fan of these ornamental styles. Their gorgeous lines do triple duty by keeping the children out of the roadway, beautifying the surroundings, and making sure the neighbor’s pup doesn’t deliver an unwanted surprise on the lawn.


No matter the fence, though, the height (and corresponding expense), is up to you.


Having a fence doesn’t always need to paint a homeowner as the neighborhood grouch ready to shout “get off my lawn!” to anyone nearby. It can be a beautiful and classic accent to your home, one with a well-placed welcome mat waiting at the end of the walk.