Install a Fence – Beautify Your Yard and Be Secure and Safe

If you desire a brand new look for your swimming pool area, you may wish to add a couple of accessories including a pool fence. The fence should be installed not only to enhance the aesthetic value but also primarily, because of the security and safety you need, especially if you have kids and pets in the house. Privacy Fences



Putting Aluminum Fence around the pool would facilitate you to create a chic look while being functional at the same time. Aluminum fencing boasts of the traditional look of wrought-iron fences; however, they do not demand an identical level of maintenance. This fencing is available in innumerable colors and styles. Here are the necessary steps to install an Aluminum Hedge: Iron Fences


Dig holes for the end posts, utilizing the post-hole digger. The holes must have a diameter equal to 3 times the breadth of the post and must be at least thirty inches deep. In case, the hedge is higher than 6 feet, dig the hole deeper. Try to keep around 1/3rd of the entire post length beneath the ground.


Remove dirt and grime from the sides of the bottom of the hole with the help of a spade. The objective is to make the bottom broader than the apical so that when the ground freezes/contracts, it does not push the concrete foot out of the ground. Chain Link Fences


Place 6-inches of sand or gravel at the bottom of the hole and install aluminum post into the hole.


Alternate pouring water and swift-setting concrete into the hole, as per the instructions are given on the concrete bag. In case, the concrete is not pre-mixed, then blend it first with mason's sand before adding water. Fill up the hole with concrete up to four inches at the bottom of apical of the hole.



Stand the aluminum post upright and ensure it is leveled.


Dig around 8-more holes for line posts in this particular stretch of fence. In case, you reach another corner post, dig a hole and stop there. The distance between the holes is ascertained by the total size of the aluminum hedge and is provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the holes are in a straight line from the side of the 1st-post. If necessary, you can tie a piece of string to the first post and then, run it directly over all the holes. Put gravel into the bottom of all holes. Vinyl Fences


Slide the aluminum fencing into the punched holes on the post, which you already set up. Fix a line post into the next hole and slide the rails into the aluminum post. Fence Services