Roofing Styles

ll over the world, houses are roofed differently owing to a number of factors such as individual style and roofing materials availablle. However, the most influencial factor to the type of roofing used in different parts of the world is the weather experienced in that partiular region. This therefore explains why similar roofing styles are found in one region. Roofs can either be slanted or flat.


This can be either slanting two parts of roofing material that join at the at the middle or using one part of roofing material and raising it on one side at an angle. The main reason for slanting is to ensure that rain water or ice does not collect on the roof but flows down to avoid it accumulating and destroying the roof. This style of roofing can also be used for water collection purposes and you can use a variety of roofing materials although iron sheets are the most commonly used. You can see different illustrations here.


This is basically having an even surface on top of the house. It is recommended that you use heavy materials to minimize the chances of damage. There are even cases where concrete is used for this type of roofing, due to the fact styling the roof to be can collect a lot of water, flat roofing is done in regions where there is less rain and ice falling from the sky. The main element it protects against is sunshine while it also provides extra space on top of the house for basking or maybe hanging clothes. You can learn more about flat roofing styles on this site.

Flat and slanted roofing provide the basic desighn upon which roofing is done, a roof can either be flat or slanted, but whichever style chosen, the important thing is that it performs its' main purpose which is to protect against harsh weather elements.