Taking Care of Your Fence

If your fence has sat for a few years there is a need of inspection for loose boards, buildup of dirt and pollution which can lead fence to get darker and chances of any mold or moss growth. Following are the aspects which will be very useful in taking care of your fence. Iron Fences

Cleaning the fence


It is one of the important and first step towards taking care of your fence. Use a pressure washer and clean whole fence. There are some special treatment products available in plastic bottles, which can be attached to pressure washer to remove mold. A domestic sized pressure washer can help you to clean the fence but will consume more time than the one you can rent. If you are targeting any large yard then it will be best to get renting one. Privacy Fences


Making Repairs

It is appropriate time to make repairs that are actually needed. Inspect for wood that needs to be replaced or fasteners that should be reseated. Ensure that the fence is secured in the ground and the firm soil of post is not washed away since it was built.

Stabilization of three rail fences can be done by wrapping outer or exterior surface with tall fire fencing product available at most of the garden centres. Along with the added structure It will resist the entry of nuisance pets and animals. Chain Link Fences

Staining Your Fence


Once the cleaning is done, let the fence dry in hot sun for at least one week before applying stain. Stain is a petroleum based product which seep into the top most layer of wood. Stain can be applied with help of a brush or any power sprayer. Before using power sprayer make sure to use a tip that is rated for stain because it doesn't require much pressure for coating. Wood Fences 

Completing The Job

It is also an appropriate time to lubricate doors, hinges and locks of your fence. Any normal automotive grease can be used and remove the hinge pins to make it convenient while applying internally in the hinges with small sized brush.

Most of the people use wood preservatives over fences to extend time between maintenance, but make sure that it does not contain paraffin wax if you want to do staining later for touch up. Wax coating causes difficulties in re-staining because they are hard to remove. Stain can penetrate the wood and will fail too early if the wax will not be removed properly before staining. Fence Services